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It has been 6 months since the COVID 19 outbreak began in MN. Like other com- munities, our Chinese American commu- nity has been hit hard physically, mentally and economically. We all need to be alert, monitor our health, test for COVID-19, and participate in the contract tracing process to better combat the virus.

According to the daily updated MN Department of Health COVID-19 data, we have 85,813 positive COVID-19 cases, as Sept 16, 2020. Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) have borne disproportional high COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalization Rate, ICU Rate and the Death Rate in MN. Source (updated Sept. 10, 2020): data-by-race-ethnicity/index.jsp




• BIPOC communities have increased expo- sure to COVID-19 because of work in low- paying jobs that are considered essential.

• BIPOC communities have substantially higher rates of health inequities, making them more likely to have severe outcomes of COVID-19 infection.

Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have experienced heightened disparities as well. Below is the Summary Chart that has shown Number of AAPIs is at 5% of total Minnesota populations, but with more than DOUBLE of its population rate at 11% of cases being put in Intensive Care Units.

Additionally, when individuals from Asian American communities are diagnosed with COVID-19, they are hospitalized and go to the ICU at rates higher than the overall COVID+ population. Asian Americans are the 2nd highest percentage in hospitalization, and 2nd highest percentage in ICU. Please refer to below 2 charts for these heightened alerts.

In order to reduce the impacts from COVID-19, Asian Media Access has partnered with MN Dept of Health to urge Chinese Americans to take precautions, in order to greatly reduce spread:

• Wearing Masks

• Washing your hands at least 20 seconds

• Social Distancing - Keeping at least 6 feet with each other

• Disinfecting commonly used surfaces

If you:

• Show COVID-19 Symptoms with known/ unknown contact = Test right away

• No symptoms, but known contact = wait 5 days before getting a test (self-quarantine right away)

• Symptoms develop during quarantine or after getting a negative test = Test right away again and stay home

• Negative test, but known contact = still quarantine

• No symptoms, negative test, no known contact = return to or remain doing regular activities

If you are COVID-19 positive,

please ISOLATE yourself:

Isolation = alone

Positive Cases should be isolated, alone from everyone else in the house (unless they are also positive). Own bathroom, no entering the kitchen, no walking through common spaces. Cannot leave the house, even for essential items. Can only leave for medical care.

Also please note, in order to be released from isolation, they also need to be fever- free without medication for 24 hours and have improving symptoms. This means the shortest an isolation period can be is 10 days and the isolation period can last for a long time if a person remains feeling ill.

FOR 10 days. 10 days is the length of time people to be infectious. 10 days are calculated from the first day of symptoms OR the test date if there are no symptoms.

If you have had contact with a known positive, please

QUARANTINE yourself:

Quarantine = separate

Quarantine is for those who have not tested positive but have had contact with a positive person. Quarantine is 14 days.

Contacts in quarantine can be together, they just need to be separated from others without contact in and out of the household. Within the same household they can use the same bathroom, cook together, sleep togeth- er, etc. unless they start to show symptoms.

FOR 14 days. 14 days are calculated from the last day there was contact with the positive person. The 14 days are not changed or shortened just because of a nega- tive test. COVID can still develop.

If you cannot separate from the positive person who is in isolation, this is considered ongoing contact. If you have ongoing con- tact the 14 days begin once the isolation of the positive person is complete.


• 10 days = the general amount of time that MDH believes people are able to SPREAD COVID.

• 14 days = the general amount of time it can take for the virus to develop from a single contact

• 5 days = the general minimum amount of time before the virus can be detected after a contact

MN Dept. of Health offers FREE

COVID-19 Community Testing at State sponsored sites

Everyone can get the testing for free, and you do not need to show insurance or ID. Lastly, please be mindful for your social activities - going to where and meeting with whom, so we can help the contact tracing and protect all of us.

For more information:

• Free MN Community Testing dates/locations at diseases/coronavirus/testsites/index.html

• COVID-19 Symptoms PSA: Chinese (YouTube)

COVID-19 的感染症状 (Chinese) 8BGv0&

• For translated materials coronavirus/materials/index.html

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