A Chinese family donates $5 million to support the Black Resource Center at San Diego State University

California’s Ron and Lloyd Dong brothers donated $5 million in ancestral property to San Diego State University’s Black Resource Center to support Black students’ education, honoring the Thompson family’s kindness in accommodating their ancestors during racially discriminatory times.


Two California brothers, Ron and Llyod Dong, recently decided to donate $5 million of their ancestral estate to San Diego State University to help Black students pay for college, in return for the kindness their ancestors received when they came to the United States 85 years ago. According to the report, at that time, there was racial discrimination in the housing law, and Dong Jiazu could not rent a house, and the Thompson family, a local black family, provided them with an apartment to rent out of sympathy for another marginalized group. Later, the Dong family bought the property here, which is now valued at 8 million. “Without them, we wouldn’t have education and everything else,” the Dong brothers said. In addition to the gifts, they sought to name the center after the Thompsons.

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