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Is this the end or a new beginning?

By Greg Hugh

As we welcome the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, we encourage you to celebrate by attending a few of the events that are being held throughout the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, many organizations, due to concerns over the pandemic, have chosen to limit their celebrations or completely cancelled them but many of them are listed on pages 15-18 of our digital tabloid.

As we continue our regular production schedule, we begin our 21st year of publishing and continue our mission of promoting cultural and business understanding between China and the U.S. along with providing a bridge between the Chinese and American communities of the Twin Cities area. However, we also are going to be making some hard decisions concerning continuing our mission or not.  If we continue, what direction should we go?

     202202 4 1Although ChinaInsight began as a free, printed newspaper back in 2001, it continues now to be available digitally at For those of you that are not familiar with ChinaInsight, we are proud that during the previous 20 years to have been involved with the following:

·         The St Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden, poetically known as (Liu Ming Yuan), Lub Vaj Phooj Ywg (Garden of Friendship), and Garden of Whispering Willows & Flowing Waters, is a community-based, volunteer-driven public garden developed through long-term collaboration among the Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society (MCFGS), the St. Paul Department of Parks & Recreation, the Phalen Park neighborhood, and Twin Cities Hmong and Chinese communities. The city of Changsha is St Paul’s sister city in south China.

§  In collaboration with the Chinese Heritage Foundation, established A Passage to China in 2008 which  became an annual event at Mall of America that promotes Chinese history, culture and customs through interactive activities for all ages with over 40 organizations from throughout the Twin Cities communities participating as a FREE event for the general public

§  Planned and hosted a forum on how to do business in China with speakers from Zhejiang Province

§  Developed a relationship with a WTO Training delegation from Zhejiang, China to promote business relationships between Zhejiang and Minnesota

§  Sponsored events held by the Chinese American Association of Minnesota, Asian Media Access, Dragon Festival and the China Center at the University of Minnesota

§  Sponsored and partnered with the Minnesota Timberwolves to promote all Timberwolves and Houston Rockets games featuring Yao Ming since 2002 resulting in the Timberwolves’ sponsorship of a China Expo at the Target Center in March 2004

§  Assisted and accompanied Governor Jesse Ventura on the trade mission to China in 2002


ChinaInsight is proud over the years to have been involved in initiating events such as these in spite of tepid support from the community that provides minimum communications or advertising support. Consequently we have relied on a dedicated volunteer staff which reduces our financial burden since this is what we have chosen to do to support the community.


That being said, as ChinaInsight begins its twenty-second year of publishing, we are soliciting comments from our targeted readers as to how our mission statement could be updated to better reflect current relations between the U.S. and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) which has become more confrontational on many fronts. We have typically remained neutral on most issues that affect these two countries over the years. Would like to see us take a different approach? Why?

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The U.S.-China relationship is the most complex bilateral relationship for the United States. Over the last 30 years, Sino-American relations have undergone an impressive transformation from animosity and conflict to candid dialogue and constructive cooperation. These two vast and complicated countries have found limited common ground on issues of trade, investment and, more recently, security. But key issues remain unresolved, and the potential for troubling divergence is real as China becomes an economic powerhouse, a military force in Asia, and a potential rival to U.S. hegemony. What role should ChinaInsight take covering these future developments?

Although there is not too much we can do to change whatever trajectory is in motion, the Chinese community needs to become more proactive and become more involved as citizens by getting involved in politics, charitable giving and other activities to shatter the “model minority” label and work together instead as factions within their own communities.

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Also, we would like to see ChinaInsight grow so would be interested hearing from those that would be interested in joining us as a staff member or as an investor or join us a board member if that would be of any interest.

It is a popular tradition to set New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the year, however we have been planning a revamp of our format over the past year and would welcome your input to assist us in continuing to make ChinaInsight as relevant as possible to our readers so we would appreciate it if you would make it a resolution to put this on your to-do list for 2022.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] or 612-723-4872 with your comments.

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