Testimony By Lindsey

Testimony by Lindsey

Good morning, everyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, and on behalf of Chinese parents, to express our concerns of the Disaggregated Data collection. 

Thomas Jefferson said: “All men are created equal. “ 

This is one of the American values that draw people from all over the world, no matter their color, religion, culture and education background, to come to this land and work hard on their American dream. 

We love America deeply and believe firmly this is the best place to raise our children. Our children are born as American, like all other American kids. They are together, to contribute to American future. 

Compare equality of outcome and equality of opportunity, we choose the latter. We always tell our children, try your best to study at young age and deposit your happiness for future. Hard work will reward you with more happiness when you grow up. They believe in us. 

If a person was granted better education, later, better job, just because where he is from, who his parents are, or what his race is, we call it unfair. 

God helps those who help themselves. 

The disaggregated Data collection tries to separate children, magnify their parent identity and pass on the message that biological feature matters. Identity is first. Children would be frustrated that the ancestry is more import than self-motivation, and therefore, they are not created equal! 

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Is Thomas Jefferson wrong? Please help us to clarify, please help children to clarify, that all men are created equal.