By Greg Hugh, Staff Writer
Despite a gloomy and rainy day, friends, relatives, employees and business associates of Shaw-Lundquist Associates (SLA) gathered at its corporate headquarters, located in Eagan, MN, to joyfully celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company at an open house held for the community.

By Greg Hugh, Staff Writer
Despite a gloomy and rainy day, friends, relatives, employees and business associates of Shaw-Lundquist Associates (SLA) gathered at its corporate headquarters, located in Eagan, MN, to joyfully celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company at an open house held for the community.

Shaw-Lundquist is a leading general contractor in the Metro Area. It is also the largest minority-owned contractor in the Midwest and the largest Asian-owned contractor in the nation. They provide general construction, construction management at risk, agency construction management, and design-build construction services, and are proven performers on large and complex projects. Started in 1974 by Fred Shaw (Hsiao), the company has grown to over US$75 million in revenue in fiscal year 2008.
Hoyt Hsiao, one of Fred Shaw’s three sons, formally welcomed the gathering on behalf of Fred, his family and all the employees of Shaw-Lundquist Associates. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to everyone for coming to celebrate their 35th anniversary. 
web_hoyt_hsiaoHoyt Hsiao 
Continuing with his remarks, Hoyt briefly recounted some of the company’s history.  According to Hoyt, the start of Shaw-Lundquist began with a story of Fred Shaw and Lyle Lundquist who had worked together for over 20 years (that’s prior to 1954) and had developed a strong level of trust and mutual respect while they worked for another company.  In July of 1974, due to the decision of their employer to move the offices to Wisconsin, Fred and Lyle decided to form Shaw-Lundquist Associates, Inc.
According to Hoyt, at that time, the economy was not that great and the construction industry was very competitive (funny how sometimes things do not change that much) but they knew each other’s abilities and skills and they both were committed to work hard and work with integrity. Through luck and dedication, they were able to build on their reputations and grow the company. For the first fiscal year, which was 9 months, the company earned revenues of just over US$630,000. In the second fiscal year, they were able to grow the company to US$2.3 million in revenues. And in the third fiscal year, the company achieved US$2.9 million in revenues.  For the first 10 years, Fred and Lyle helped grow the company and navigate through some good times and some difficult times.
In 1984, Lyle Lundquist chose to spend more time “up north” at the cabin and he retired. But during the 10 years that Fred and Lyle worked together, they knew the importance of having good people as part of the company. Their choices included individuals, who are key people today... including: Paul Rosendale, General Superintendent, Thomas Meyers, Vice President and John Sjoberg, Controller.  Marlys Genung, Larry Ho, and Joe Krieglmeier are also individuals who all worked with Fred and Lyle.
From 1984 to today, stated Hoyt, “we have been fortunate and we have worked hard to continue to grow and build the company. We have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and worked on many projects including: airport terminals, apartments, condominiums, dentists’ offices, grocery/co-op stores, laboratories, offices, retail stores, recreation facilities, schools, and others
“Thanks to a few of the companies and organizations that have provided opportunities to Shaw-Lundquist including: General Mills, Home Depot, Legacy Development, Mississippi Market, Minneapolis Public Housing, Mount Olivet, Oliver Companies, Super Valu, SPARC, 3M, Wal-Mart, Xcel Energy, and the University of Minnesota.”
And, as Hoyt continued, “2009 has been a milestone year for our family, as we celebrated Fred’s 90th Birthday, my marriage, the birth of Holden and his wife’s first son…and now the 35th anniversary of Shaw-Lundquist Associates, Inc.”
Hoyt also took this occasion to make the following announcement: “It is with great honor and that I would like to publicly announce that I am named President & CEO of Shaw-Lundquist Associates and that Fred will be become the Chairman of the Board.”
“I have had the opportunity to work full time for the company for over 20 years. And prior to that, I was able to work during the summers at the company and I can even remember going back to elementary school summers when I would occasionally tag along with my father to work” remarked Hoyt..
Following this announcement Hoyt continued with his remarks.  “In looking back through those years, I appreciate the dedication, risk, challenges and hard work that Fred had gone through to reach this point. I also appreciate his support, trust and belief in me.  And I look forward to his continued support, guidance and presence. Thank you, Dad.
“As we move forward and into the future, I feel that our mission of ‘Improving Lives by Building with Integrity and PRIDE’ will continue to differentiate us from other companies.
“In our mission statement, I feel it speaks to each one of us at different levels. It speaks to the need of our client, and understanding their building and how we are going to improve the lives of their users and themselves. It speaks to the need to work with the building/design team of architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers in order to achieve each party’s goals and improve their lives. And it speaks to each one of us at Shaw-Lundquist. Where we want to improve our lives by having a safe work environment, learning opportunities, the ability to use our talents and skills, and to build a strong community around us.
“It is my dream, to build our company into a leading construction and building organization on a national scale. It means that we will continue to be committed to our values of: Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Diversity and Ethics. We will need to continue, develop, build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. And provide a level of service and value, where we are the client’s first choice with whom to work.
“I will need the support of my family, the Shaw-Lundquist team, our advisors, our clients, and our construction team of architects/subcontractors/suppliers in order to help achieve that dream.  I look forward and will greatly appreciate that support.”
At the conclusion of his remarks, Hoyt invited the guests to enjoy themselves and partake of the food and beverages and stay for a traditional Chinese Lion Dance that would be performed shortly. 
web_hsaiofamilyThe Hsaio Family; Holden, Yuy Wen, Fred, Jennie, Zhen Zhen and Hoyt

It should be noted that in addition to creating a successful contracting business, the company and Hsiao family have been recognized by many industry organizations and other groups for their social and volunteer work.  The most recent recognitions include 2009 General Contractor of the Year, Construction Partnering Program and Chinese Minnesotan of Note by the Chinese Heritage Foundation.
Receiving recognition of his own, Hoyt Hsiao was honored as a Minority Business Executive in 2008 by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal
 A few years earlier, the Shaw family was profiled in the Oct. 20, 2006 Minneapolis-St. Paul Special Report: Power Families. The full-page article entitled "Patriarch of Shaw family is role model for many, including sons" appeared on page 23 of the issue in the company of such notable Twin Cities families as the Pohlads, Carlsons, Hubbards, Andersons, Rauenhorsts, Daytons, and Cargills.
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