Announcement of 2023-2024 CAAM – Stanley Chong Scholarship Application

Merit and need-based scholarships for individuals of Chinese descent for undergraduate college tuition.

Application Deadline for the school year 2023 – 2024January 14th, 2024


An applicant must be:

  1. Of Chinese descent,
  2. A resident of Minnesota and American citizen/permanent resident,
  3. A senior in high school for the 2022-2023 year, with unweighted accumulated GPA 3.5 or above.
  4. Applicant must agree and promote CAAM’s mission.
  5. Applicant and/or parents have actively participated in CAAM-organized, co-organized or sponsored events in the past Five years.
  6. For Need-based applicants, with unweighted accumulated GPA 3.0 or above, must provide FAFSA or the latest 3-year Federal Tax Return Forms.

Please read the above Eligibility information carefully before submitting your application.

 Evaluation Criteria

  1. Applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements listed above.
  2. Applicants will be evaluated on their academic records, including extra curriculums, leadership qualities, and community services, including both CAAM and other community service experiences.
  3. Failure to maintain acceptable academic performance and exemplary behavior throughout the school year may result in the revocation of the scholarship.

Application Checklist

  1. Application Form must be typed (handwriting is not acceptable).
  2. Applicant needs to provide: 1)  A Cover Letter,  2)  Application Form with the signature and date,  3)  The latest  official transcript from the most recent school attended (should be  submitted by the school).  4) Three Letters of Recommendation: at least two from a teacher of the recent academic  years and a mentor or advisor (Note: All the letters must be written specifically to CAAM for this scholarship and not be sent out by the applicant, otherwise they will not be accepted and consequently the application will NOT be considered.)
  3. Any proofs showing your participation of CAAM events or other community volunteer services are welcomed.
  4. All the individual files submitted for this scholarship application must be named by the following format as: Last name First name_document name (such as Cover Letter, Application Form or Recommendation Letter, etc), for example: Aihua Liu_Cover Letter or Aihua Liu_Application Form; otherwise, it will not be accepted.
    Note: Incomplete application will NOT be considered.  

Please make sure if your emails are truly sent out by checking your Sent folder. You should also be able to receive a short confirmation email from [email protected] right after your application materials are submitted.

Application Form

Download the scholarship application form  (PDF) or (MS Word) (Note: You need to Copy and Paste the link address of this Word file in a new window of your browser to download this form).

How and Where to Submit Application Materials

All the application materials must be submitted by email to:

[email protected]

Application Deadline: January 14, 2024

The status of the scholarship application will be notified to each applicant shortly after the application deadline, and again after application material has been reviewed, respectively.

Recipients will be required to attend the scholarship award ceremony sometime between May and June, 2024.

Recipients will be required to provide CAAM with a recent color portrait photo for news report and one-page biography about what goal or aspiration you hope to achieve with the help of the CAAM-Stanley Chong Scholarship.

The recipients will automatically become members of CAAM with good standing after turning 18 years old; one year CAAM membership will be offered to their parents will become members of CAAM as well.

好消息: 一年一度的Minnesota中美联谊会(CAAMStanley Chong 奖助学金申请开始啦!家住明州在读的十二年级华裔学生 (美国公民或永久居民)都可以申请。申请截止日期是01/14/2024 详细信息可以参考明州中美联谊会网站(


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