Chinese students cooling on U.S. higher education

According to reports, India has surpassed China this year to become the country sending the most students to the United States. This is the first time this has happened since 2008. The report cites a recent report released by Tsinghua University to reveal that the number of Tsinghua graduates who choose to study in the United States has dropped sharply in the past few years, from 11% in 2018 to only 3% in 2021, while the proportion of students studying in the United Kingdom has not decreased at all, and the number of people choosing to study in Singapore has even increased. Investigative journalists believe that the appeal of U.S. higher education to China’s top talent has waned, and they have fear and anxiety in the face of U.S. restrictions on Chinese talent and broader anti-China policies. The deterioration of U.S.-China relations, rising anti-China sentiment, and a simultaneous sharp increase in anti-Asian hate crimes have inadvertently alleviated China’s brain drain, the report said.

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