Review Report on Chinese Students’ Thirty Years in the United States Released

A report, “Thirty Years of Chinese Students Studying in the United States,” covering 1991-2021, was recently released by the U.S.-China Education Trust (USCET) in Washington, D.C. Written in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego Center for 21st Century China. More than 3 million Chinese students have studied in the United States since the first group to visit the United States in the late 1970s, the report said. Over the years, the number of Chinese students studying in the United States has increased dramatically, but in recent years, with the intensification of tensions between China and the United States and the control of the epidemic, the trend of student flow has slowed down or even reversed. The report looks forward to enhancing understanding, breaking down stereotypes, and encouraging dialogue and further research through a more comprehensive understanding of this important student population.


The report revolves around four core questions: Why and how do Chinese students come to the United States? How do they interact with other people on campus? What negative experiences do Chinese students experience on campus? How do people who have studied abroad feel about this experience? The report argues that the top reason for Chinese students to study in the United States is to seek quality education, and the scholarship system also attracts most Chinese international students, while the Chinese government has little support. Most Chinese students consider Americans to be friendly and welcoming, leaving fond memories of their travels in the United States, but many still feel distant from American society. Over time, Chinese students have suffered more and more discrimination, and they have been caught in a dilemma when it comes to politics, the report said. However, if you make a new choice, the vast majority of Chinese students will still choose to study abroad.


The report concludes that as tensions between China and the United States have risen, Chinese students are mired in suspicion from many sides, and it is hoped that the new report will stimulate dialogue, raise students’ voices and encourage further research. The researchers believe that the United States does not need to worry about Chinese students’ interest in American higher education, and can benefit from it.


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