The latest survey report on Chinese Americans: 74% of the respondents experienced racial discrimination in the past year

On August 2 local time, the Columbia University School of Social Work and the Committee of 100, a non-profit membership organization composed of outstanding Chinese Americans, jointly released the report “Struggling for Representation: The State of Chinese Americans in 2022.” investigation”.

The survey collected information from nearly 6,500 participants from across the United States, compiling data related to demographics, politics, cultural identity, health, economic security and social participation. The report summarizes a year-long research project and survey of the health, economic, and sociopolitical conditions of today’s Chinese American population.

The project examined three main research questions: What are the demographic characteristics of Chinese Americans in terms of birthplace, place of upbringing, home language, English proficiency, and cultural identity? What are the political views and participation of Chinese Americans? And what are their health, financial situation, and needs? Along with quantitative data, the report also cites study participants sharing their experiences.

The investigation found that racism against Chinese Americans persisted. Nearly 74 percent of respondents experienced a racist or racism-related incident in the past 12 months.

In terms of political views, Chinese American citizens overwhelmingly vote. They are deeply concerned about the problems facing American society and hope for better relations and more cooperation between the United States and China.

82% of respondents believe that the United States should establish economic cooperation with China. With regard to health and finances, many face disadvantage or hardship in health and finances, with about three-quarters of respondents reporting psychological distress, poor physical or mental health, and experiencing medical problems in the past 12 months or financial hardship.

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