CAAM CDT Celebrates 30 years, CAAM awards Stanley Chong Scholarships –

On Sunday May 28, 2023, CAAM Chinese Dance Theater celebrated its 30th anniversary at Phalen Park, St. Paul. CAAM also awarded Stanley Chong academic scholarships . Mr. Ping Wang, president of CAAM, introduced 16 awardees. Some awardees gave talks and talent shows, a famous Chinese Minnesotan singer Qian Xu was invited to sing a song<<Gratitude>>. CAAM Chinese Dance Theater performed during the event and a fine selection of food was served after the awards and performances to about 300 participants. Recognition was given to the many people who have helped to make CAAM CDT a success. CAAM was established in 1951 and legally registered in 1967, so it is more than 50 years old. Mr. Stanley Chong was the first president of the registered CAAM in 1967.














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