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Now that Joseph R. Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, the country needs to unite again after experiencing a tumultuous period under the previous administration leading to a tragic demonstration at the nation’s capital on Jan. 6.

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration faces the herculean task of bringing the country together while fighting the coronavirus and getting the economy back on track along with a multitude of problems that the country is facing domestically and throughout the world.  While we rely on mainstream media to provide coverage of events that affect our lives, it is incumbent on us, which includes government officials, the media as well as the general population, to hold each other personally responsible for our own actions.

Just as we did when the previous administration took over in 2017, China Insight will place more emphasis on political issues as China and the U.S. are facing profound changes in their relationship.

As we enter our 20th year of publication, China Insight (in digital tabloid format) will be including more events that are taking place elsewhere in the country with an emphasize on local events as they occur. As all of you know, COVID-19 has put a damper on Chinese Year celebrations, but the Mall of America and Minnesota International Chinese School are still holding their events in a virtual-safe format.

Despite many obstacles, the Year of the Ox (Feb. 12, 2021) promises cheer and power.  Professionals will be rewarded financially for their diligence and skills.  The family will play a significant role.  Single persons will marry, while the married will welcome a new member to the family.  People in business will start new partnership ventures.

Chinese astrology has zodiac signs that reveal your personality traits and they are symbolized by12 animals. You have a Chinese animal sign, just like you do a Western zodiac sign and they are based upon the year you were born. Since there are 12 animals, therefore a 12-year repeating cycle.

People have said that the Chinese zodiac year in which you were born, your Ben Ming Nian, pre-determine a lot about your character and your values. However, like star signs, some zodiac signs can be luckier on specific years and dates, and some are more compatible with some animal signs than others.

It is important to know what Chinese animal year you fall under, so come the lunar new year in January and February you can learn to take good care of your zodiac sign.

The legend goes that the zodiac animals were chosen through a race: there could only be 12 winners, and each animal had to cross a rapid current to reach the finish line. The rat finished first because it hopped on the back of the ox, and jumped off ahead just as the ox was about to reach the finish line, beating the ox!

The ox, as shown in the myth, is known to be dependable, strong and determined.

Because of this, the ox is associated with the Earth and is often prayed to for good fortune in agriculture.

People born under the ox sign are often diligent workers, but sometimes fade into the background: as they do not demand a lot of praise. Because of how logical and patient they are, many make great leaders.

We have also included some Chinese New Year do’s and don’ts on page 8.

Also, you are cordially invited to assist us and promote your own organization by letting us know how you recently celebrated Chinese New Year.  Submit a brief recap of your event along with any photos, including captions, for publication.  To be considered for the March issue of China Insight, we must receive this no later than Feb. 19. Please send materials to me or feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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