Congressional Gold Medal for WWII Chinese American Veterans Initiative

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Although the Chinese American community has always strived to be good citizens, history has shown that they have not been treated fairly and need to let their Congressional leaders know that their service to our country needs to be recognized. Like many minorities, Chinese Americans overcame discrimination to serve their country bravely and honorably and we need to encourage the Congress to act favorably on this proposal to commemorate the service of these Chinese American veterans. 



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HealthHome Gongs SymphonicThere is no denying that music alters moods.  But what about the sound of gongs?  A former New York oncologist began using sound therapies to help his cancer patients overcome pain and became a gong bath devotee.  

Gongs emit one of the most sonorous sounds of any musical instrument.  Their transformational and therapeutic sound is the basis of gong baths, where participants are “bathed” is the gongs’ sound waves, cleansing the subconscious mind to bring about healing.  And no, there is no water involved.

Sound therapy has been known to improve symptoms associated with stress, migraines, depression and lack of concentration and focus.  Gong baths are quickly gaining a following in Hong Kong.  Following a day’s work in that bustling city, Hong Kongers are now turning to gong baths for achieving a state of relaxation.

Gong baths use the vibrations of sound and frequency emitted from gongs to help reduce anxiety, stress and release repressed emotions.  The theory is that the sound emanating from the gong will infiltrate your outer consciousness and penetrate your core, disconnecting you from the superficial world and all the cacophony associated with it.  Unlike therapy, which requires talking about your problems, a gong bath offers the opposite experience.  It uses no words, and requires no effort on the participants.  It is particularly helpful for those who find forming and articulating words difficult.  Your body surrenders to sound, helping to clear any “blockage” and may help you find the words you’re looking for.

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