Special screening of “LINSANITY” exceeds organizer’s expectations  

by Greg Hugh

Although the movie about Jeremy Lin, “LINSANITY,” was not originally scheduled to be shown in Minnesota, a resolute 11th-grader by the name of Victoria Whiteford was determined to change that.

After jumping through the proverbial hoops, she was successful in getting the movie shown in her Maple Grove neighborhood cinema in November 2013. China Insight followed-up with her in a telephone interview in December to get her reactions to her achievement in getting the screening locally.

Whiteford commented that she had to provide at least three movie theatres willing to show the movie to the movie distributor and the distributor would then contact the theatres to discuss arrangements with them. She said she became concerned after several weeks had passed with no confirmation, but finally she was told that an AMC Theatre in Maple Grove would show the movie with the caveat that a minimum of 62 tickets would need to be sold. Now Whiteford needed to promote the special screening! She reached out to China Insight and churches. She also utilized social media, the top teen media channel, to promote the screening. She was pleasantly surprised when she was able to double the minimum requirement, selling 116 tickets for the movie.

China Insight asked what surprised her most about getting “LINSANITY” shown, she stated that the movie was attended by church groups and Chinese student organizations that found the movie inspiring and touching. Whiteford also stated that this demonstrated to her that one should not doubt oneself, that it is possible to overcome obstacles.

She also said she was fortunate to find support and cooperation from the community, and even the staff at the AMC Theatre were there to help alleviate any stress associated with the screening.

Even though Whiteford was very pleased with the outcome, she commented that the next time she tackles a project like this, she would allow more time to plan and promote the event. Still, not bad for a 16-year-old who felt that this movie needed to be shown in Minnesota.

What did she learned from the movie? Whiteford said, “I have a much better understanding of Chinese culture along with the adversities faced by the Chinese. However, it can be overcome by hard work.”

Editor’s Note: See the Nov.-Dec. 2013 issue of China Insight for the previous article about Whiteford and “LINSANITY"


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