Pronouncements(March 2021)
March 1 2021
by Gregory J. Hugh, Publisher – CEO, China Insight, Inc.
With a handful of snowstorms travelling through the country over the past few weeks, it may not feel like spring is coming anytime soon. But as we enter the month of March, the spring equinox isn't too far behind. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, spring equinox in 2021 falls on Sat., March 20, at 5:37 a.m. This will mark the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC)
March 1 2021 According to the Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) Preamble: Asian Americans shall either win equal citizenship UNITED or suffer discrimination separately. To aspire to live as equals in a free market system like the U.S.A. where we represent one of the smallest minorities, we must UNITE to acquire sufficient strength to fight off discrimination
March 1 2021
[NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2021]
– Committee of 100 (C100), the nonprofit leadership organization of Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, healthcare, and the arts announced a landmark study on the historic contributions of Chinese Americans to the fabric of American society.
2 Physicists 202103
March 1 2021
by Elaine Dunn.
March 8 is International Women’s Day. Since 1911, women the world over have been honored for their achievements, be it in the cultural, economic, educational, historical, political or social fields on this day. March 8 is also a day for women from all backgrounds to come together to break down barriers for gender parity and women’s rights.
family 202103
March 1 2021
This article by Sarah Lemagie, reprinted with permission from the Minneapolis Foundation, first appeared in the foundation’s website on Dec.7, 2020.
When the pandemic struck Minnesota this spring, Pearl Bergad reached out to her two sons and their wives: We’ve built up a pretty substantial reserve in our Donor Advised Fund at the Minneapolis Foundation, she pointed out. Let’s do something with it now.
Book Review 202103
March 1 2021
Reviewed by J.D. Mabbot, contributor
Niklas Hageback’s “The Downfall of China or CCP 3.0?” is an insightful look at inside the policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that will decide whether it will face an impending downfall, or yet again can manage to transform itself radically and weather the storm.
CNY Photos 202103
March 1 2021
by China Insight
View the wonderful photos from local Chinese New Year Celebrations.
Publisher’s Pronouncements (Feb 2021)
January 30 2021
by Gregory J. Hugh, Publisher – CEO, China Insight, Inc.
Now that Joseph R. Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, the country needs to unite again after experiencing a tumultuous period under the previous administration leading to a tragic demonstration at the nation’s capital on Jan. 6.
Garden fundraising
30 January 2021
By William Zajicek, contributor.
The St. Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden, located in Phalen Park, Saint Paul, is seeking additional funds ($160,000) to complete Phase I of the garden construction and begin Phase II.
CNY do’s and don’ts
30 January 2021
By Elaine Dunn, China Insight.
Feb. 12 will be start of the Year of the Ox, which, according to Chinese tradition, is a symbol for wealth. So … here are a few tips on how to ring the year in the Chinese way.
App deadline for CGM
30 January 2021
by Elaine Dunn, China Insight.
The Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project enters its fifth year with great anticipation for the award ceremony of the Congressional Gold Medal to more than 3,000 veterans who have applied for, and confirmed for this honor.
local national speedskating champion
30 January 2021
by Elaine Dunn, China Insight.
Whether the 2022 Winter Olympics will take place as planned in Beijing or not (China Insight, January 2021) is anyone’s guess at this point, but to the many hopeful participants, their training and laser-sharp focus are on getting to one of the three medal-winning podiums in their event in whatever city it may take place.
January 3, 2021
By Greg Hugh.
It has been a long and uncertain journey, but Chinese American veterans who served their country in World War II were finally awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Dec. 9, 2020.
Efforts to enact the Congressional Gold Medal Act for these Chinese American veterans first began in December 2016. An exploratory committee led by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) set out to secure the support of members of Congress. The bill, first introduced to the Senate and the House of Representatives in May 2017, was ultimately passed on and signed by President Donald Trump Dec. 20, 2018.
NY Chinatown images
December 31, 2020
by China Insight.
While air travel is still risky health-wise and lockdowns are common, here is a chance for us to “travel” and see New York City’s Chinatown.
The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) and the Center for Jewish History (CJH) are co-hosting a new online exhibition, “An Unlikely Photojournalist: Emile Bocian in Chinatown,” at
Beijing 2020 Olympics
December 31, 2020
by Elaine Dunn, China Insight.
The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing opened with great fanfare. It was China’s debut on the world stage, an opportunity to showcase its history, culture and its athletes to a global audience. Fast forward to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Once again, Beijing will be the venue. However, circumstances are quite different.
2021 Chinese Holidays
December 31, 2020
Compiled by China Insight.
China’s 2021 holiday schedule will, per tradition, include two week-long holidays: Chinese New Year, aka Spring Festival, which will take place Feb. 11-17; and the National Day Holiday, Oct. 1-7.
Society Fat Size
December 31, 2020
compiled by China Insight.
On Nov. 11, a netizen posted an image of an apparel size chart seen at a Taiwanese chain store in China, saying, “I was shocked when I saw this size chart at a RT-Mart today. Am I completely rotten?” That image and post went viral and it enraged the online community, causing the company’s China Division to issue a public apology the following day.
November 2020
by Bill Zajicek, president, Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society.

There were two large volunteer projects at the garden this summer/fall. As a result, the rock garden was completely weeded and mulched; the donor stanchion received a new coat of paint, the Hmong Heritage Wall was painted, and as a gift from the Minnesota Peony Society, nine peonies were planted: three each of herbaceous “Krinkled White,” herbaceous “America Red” and tree peonies (Fuji-Zome-Goromo, Renkaku, Tai Hai)!!!
November 2020
By Elaine Dunn

The Hong Kong University (HKU) appointed two mainland Chinese scholars to its governing council, one of whom is alleged to have direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
Book Review 202011
November 2020
By China Insight

You may notice the more-than-usual number of books included this issue. With Christmas giving around the corner and the snowy winter approaching, China Insight thought these titles may provide gift ideas or just material for a “good read” in front of the fireplace.
November 2020
– Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Commissioner Steve Grove announced the #GoodJobsNow campaign with Rick Trontvet from Marvin Windows in Warroad and Traci Tapani from Wyoming Machine in Stacy.
By Bai Xu

BEIJING, June 19 (Xinhua) -- With the nation still in mourning over the deaths in May's earthquake, China's athletes must focus hard on their preparation as they enter the final lap before the Beijing Games in August.



Many Chinese people had been looking forward to seeing their athletes win many gold medals in Beijing. That was before Cuban Dayron Robles broke the world record of 110 meters hurdles, the discipline in which China's top medal hope and current Olympic and world champion Liu Xiang was penciled in by many as a banker for gold. Liu went to the United States in late May to take part in two top-level races but flopped in both, after a false start and a hamstring twinge. Another blow came on the gymnastics floor, where China's athletes bore great hopes on their shoulders. A new rule by the International Gymnastics Federation reduced the group competing in team event from six members to five and cancelled the privilege of all-round athletes in participating in specific events, a move to lessen the advantage of some teams. "This is unfavorable to us," said Zhang Peiwen, head of the Chinese gymnastics team, "it is easier for more teams to form a five-member team rather than one with six ace players." In shooting, Xiao Haopeng, head of the Chinese shooting squad, saw the dramatic progress of foreign shooters after three World Cups earlier this year, especially those from Germany, Russia and France. "Previously we thought that we had an advantage in competing in finals, but now, the advantage is gone," he said. Women's 10-meter air rifle is supposed to produce the first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics, and Du Li, world record holder and gold medalist at the Athens Olympics, is preparing to defend her title.

However, in the test event of Good Luck Beijing ISSF World Cup, Du only picked up a bronze in the event, surrendering the gold to Czech markswoman Katerina Emmons, who equaled the world record with 504.9 points.


The Chinese shooting team has started a 20-day training in Yantai of the eastern Shandong Province. "They have been relaxed since the end of May, and didn't even touch guns during the period," said Xiao Haopeng, the team leader. "Hopefully the new place could enhance their interest in training and improve both skills and form," he said, noting that in shooting, psychological condition sometimes could be more important. The Chinese table tennis team has just released the names of the Olympic team. Ma Lin, Wang Hao and Wang Liqin will play for the men's team, while Guo Yue, Zhang Yining and Wang Nan play for the women's. Wang Nan and Wang Liqin, both gold medalists at the Sydney Olympics, are not in good shape at present, said Liu Guoliang, head coach of the team. The team [started] a 36-day training on the [June 21], before a two-day warm-up contest at the end of July, he added. Liu Xiang is engaged in his final preparation. "Everybody hopes Liu will win again. That puts him under great pressure," said Feng Shuyong, head coach of the Chinese track and field team. "I will do my best and remain cool-headed," said Liu Xiang. "Yao Ming told me to treat the Olympic Games as daily life and not to be nervous," he added. Yao, the Houston Rockets center, missed the remainder of the season after suffering a broken left ankle at the beginning of this year, [returned] in at the end of June to go through training with the Chinese basketball team.[…]

"What I need to practice now is moving as I do in real competitions," he said.



Looking into the first Olympic Games to be hosted in China, many people expect the country to make a breakthrough and top the gold medal list. Table tennis, badminton, diving, shooting, weightlifting and gymnastics are six major sports that are supposed to produce at least three gold medals each. Thus Chinese athletes are expected to reap some 37 to 45 gold in this Olympics. However, the expectation was shadowed by the "home disadvantage", which imposes more pressure on athletes. Amid the pressure, many former Olympic champions were shut out of the sports gala, including taekwondo gold medalist Luo Wei, weightlifter Zhang Guozheng and long-distance runner Xing Huina. "We shouldn't pay too much attention to the gold medals," said Deng Yaping, a former table tennis player, who had bagged four Olympic gold medals. "What is more important lies behind the medals -- courage and persistence. They are the spirit of sports," she said. 

Source: Xinhua

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