Now that fall has arrived, we Minnesotans traditionally celebrate the annual ritual of watching the emergence of fall colors as nature does its thing.  This time of the year also will subject us to all kinds of political intrusions that will test our patience, intelligence and tolerance level as politicians try to win our votes.  In a democratic society as the U.S., we are fortunate to be able to exercise our constitutional right to vote in democratic elections, unlike the kind of turmoil that the citizens of Hong Kong are experiencing.

 A general election will be held in Minnesota on Nov. 4, 2014.  All of Minnesota's executive officers are up for election as well as all the seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives, several state judicial seats, a United States Senate seat, all of Minnesota's eight seats in the United States House of Representatives, and several seats for local offices.  I encourage you to exercise the privilege of your vote in the upcoming election, and thank the men and women in our armed forces for protecting our right to vote, which is sadly lacking in many parts of the world.

I also wish to congratulate the Chinese Heritage Foundation as they observe their 10th anniversary and extend their invitation to you to attend their open house. For additional information about CHF, their programs, how to volunteer or make a donation, visit their website at

As always, the staff of China Insight appreciates your support and welcome any suggestions as to how we might better serve the community.  We also invite you to post comments on our articles. 


Gregory J. Hugh  



China Insight is proud to begin its 11th year of publishing and continues to be committed to focusing on  promoting cultural and business understanding between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Recently, China Insight assisted the Minnesota Timberwolves in organizing an Asian Heritage Night when the Wolves hosted Jeremy Lin, the first Chinese-American player in the NBA, and the Houston Rockets. 

As most of you already know, Chinese New Year will occur on February 10, 2013, so to all our friends in the community, we wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year (Gung He Fat Choy) as we prepare to celebrate the Year of the Snake, which will be year 4711 according to the Chinese Lunar calendar.

Chinese Heritage Foundation Friends recently hosted an event that focused on explaining many of the customs and traditions that Chinese practice during the celebration of Chinese New Year.  If you still want to explore more about how to celebrate, the Plymouth branch of Hennepin County Library will be holding such an event on February 9 as noted on page 10 along with a partial listing of other Chinese New Year celebrations that will be taking place in the Twin Cities. Since it is impossible for us to attend all of these events, we invite you to submit a follow up article and photos which we would consider including in China Insight.


With this issue, China Insight officially celebrates its 10th anniversary of publishing that began in February, 2002 when we determined that there was a need for an English language newspaper that would help mutually promote business and cultural understanding between China and the United States. This would not have been possible without a dedicated volunteer staff and the support of our advertisers along with those of you that follow us regularly through print or the internet.

The fall season is a time to prepare for winter and enjoy the annual ritual of watching the emergence of fall colors as nature does it thing.  This being an election year, this annual change of seasons will be fraught with political intrusions that will test our patience and tolerance level to try to win our vote. In a democratic society as the United States of America, we are fortunate to be able to exercise our constitutional right to vote in a democratic presidential election every four years.  This year China will also be experiencing a change in government leaders that takes place every 10 years but follows a much more different process.

Gung He Fat Choy...Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year!

dragon2012outline2As we prepare to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, all of us here at China Insight are also excited about celebrating the 10th Anniversary of publishing China Insight next month. In the decade since our first issue was published in February, 2002, there have been many events that have influenced China's re-emergence onto the global scene.

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