By Jodi Yim James, Staff Writer

The Chinese character 福fú means Good Fortune or Blessings. 福fú is one of the most popular Chinese characters and it is used to decorate everywhere during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. 福fú is also commonly posted artistically on a permanent plaque or framed painting inside homes with the intended message of "Blessings" or "Bless This House."

The University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education presents Beyond the Great Wall: The Unknown Side of China on July 18. This one-day course will go beyond the familiar image of China represented by the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square and examine lesser known aspects of Chinese culture, society, and economics.


A whirlwind visit was made to Minnesota by an education delegation from Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology (HUHST) and Huaihua University (HU) both located in Hunan Province, situated in the central part of the People’s Republic of China. This delegation included Mr. Heyun Liu, Vice President, HUHST; Mr. Yangxi Peng, Director of Academic Affairs, HUHST; Mrs. Ling Zhang, Vice President, HU (formerly Director of Foreign Affairs at HUHST); Mr. Jianmin Peng, Dean of Physical Education Department, HUHST; and Mr. Jiaqi LI, Dean of Chemistry Science Department, HUHST.

By Greg Hugh, Staff Writer

A ten member delegation from the city of Loudi (metropolitan area and its affiliated counties/cities/district) in Hunan Province, China recently paid a visit to Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The delegation was led by Yan Fuchu, Vice Mayor of Loudi Municipal Government in charge of Education, Health and Science for the city of Loudi, principals of several schools in Loudi along with education officials from Liangyuan, Lengshuijiang, Xinaghua and Shuangfeng County under Loudi.

By Stephanie He

Many international students have work experience when they study in school. It is good experience for getting a good job after graduating. For the international students, this is the most important point to get a formal job in the United States. Some students have an internship in school; other students have a part-time job during their studies. Not only they can get work experience, but they also can earn some money to decrease the financial burden on their parents. In the competitive school environment, getting a part-time job on campus is rare for international students.