China Heavyweight

Showing at St. Anthony Main Theater  starting Friday September 21, for one week.

The director, Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze), will be in attendance for a special LIVE Q&A on Friday, Sept. 21 @ 7PM and Saturday, Sept. 22 @ 4:30PM.

Directed by Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze)

In central China, a Master coach recruits poor rural teenagers and turns them into Western-style boxing champions. The top students face dramatic choices as they graduate – should they fight for the collective good or for themselves? A metaphor for the choices everyone in the New China faces now.

How A Seed Grew Into Flowers

Film director Zhang Yimou says the script of The Flow ers of War is the best he’s encountered.

Based on Yan Geling’s 2005 novella of the same title, the film tells the story of an American priest, a group of Chinese schoolgirls, prostitutes and soldiers finding ref uge in a church and risking their lives as they struggle to survive the Nanjing Massacre in 1937.

Yan says the core of the story germinates from the dia ries of Minnie Vautrin, an American missionary renowned for saving the lives of many women at the Ginling Girls College during the Nanjing Massacre. Yan has often taken part in events commemorating the Nanjing Massacre since 1993. “Each time I returned with an impulse to pen a story about it,” she says.


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