Chinese Fashion

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By Ignacy Broclawski

Have you ever wondered what the fashion is like in China? What brands do they wear?

Where do they shop? Here I am, coming up with the solution for your headache.

American and European brands are very popular all over the country of China, but we
can clearly see that most of the Chinese seem to have a different style. Of course, we
can skip the talk about 富二代 (rich 2nd generation). They do not need to care about
the price tags, so on a simple stroll they would spend substantial amounts of money
for Prada, Burberry, Dior or Gucci clothes. All classy brands. is the most
popular online store in China where you will find logos you already know, as well as
some new ones: including 5cm, izzue and stayreal. From the very first sight you’ll notice
variations of cuts, textiles and patterns.

Moreover, the Chinese love fashion defined by Japanese designers. What amuses me
are, what I like to call it “Rainbow Pants“ made by Evisu. The idea is clear, a colorful
pattern is spilling from the seat all way down the legs. Your jaw is also going to get
there when you see the price of this fancy garment... As far as the physical shopping in
Minnesota goes, many of the Asians supply themselves with SuperDry apparel that can
be purchased at the Mall of America. This is the latest fashion news from Minnesota to
China and back.