What's the big deal about laowai?

By Anthony James, staff writer

An American laowai (老外) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) usually falls under one of three categories: you married a Chinese and are starting a life there; you are an expatriate working in China; or you are teaching English in China. China provides many opportunities for Americans to start a business or even a new life there and there are numerous discussions among my friends who are Americans teaching English there about being a laowai or living the laowai life. 

By Anthony James, Staff Writer

First, let me state the following: I don't think WCCO's news team or Jason Schugel are racists.

But if you were able to catch the story, which no longer exists on the WCCO Web page (but has been recovered on City Pages and various blogs), I hope you might be able to catch why there are so many readers and journalists angry with WCCO's news team. The Asian American Journalists Association has asked for an apology, City Pages published that "heads will roll" according to an inside source, tons of angry comments circled the internet.

By Albert Leung, Staff Writer

The most difficult tasks in life are neither finishing school, nor seeking a career nor finding love. The hardest things, to me, are goodbyes. As time passes, we inevitably have to bid farewell and experience the passing of some of our loved ones. After all, we're all on our way out but just on different schedules.



Our Nation is guided by the simple promise that no matter our origins, we can provide a better life for our children. We have long believed in a fair America, where, with hard work and determination, anyone can succeed. Our story has been written by generations who have put their shoulders to the wheel of history to move our country forward.

By Lisa Chiu, About.com Guide to Chinese Culture

A few months ago, the U.S. Census Bureau released its American Community Survey for 2007. It's a great database, and I was able to search it to find out that U.S. residents of Chinese descent make up nearly 3.5 million or about 1.2 percent of the U.S. population.

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