What’s the story? 

Suirenshi (燧人氏), the inventor of fire

By Elaine Dunn

Have you ever heard of Shangqiu City? Didn’t think so. I wager that no other China Insight reader has ever heard of this place either, let alone its native son, Suirenshi (燧人氏)! Should I be wrong on this score, do email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and let me know.  I’ll be glad to report how many emails I received in next month’s column.

The cradle of fire
Shangqiu (商丘) is at the junction of

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By Elaine Dunn

When is it?

Duan Wu Festival, also known as Double Fifth or Dragon Boat Festival, as it is known in the western hemisphere, is possibly one of the most well-known Chinese festivals internationally. As one of its names implies, it falls on and is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in China, which happens to be June 12 in 2013.

Although long-celebrated all over Asia, the festival was not declared a public holiday in the People’s Republic of China (mainland) until 2008 – the first time since the 1940s.

There are many legends and myths connected with this festival.


By James Yang, Student at Breck School

I saw the basketball game of Timberwolves and Houston Rockets. I saw the only Chinese on the court, Jeremy Lin. He is well known and popular. Many Chinese are proud of him as he does a fantastic job in the NBA, but maybe not so many Americans think so. As soon as Jeremy got the ball, some Americans began to tease him loudly. At first I thought it was because they didn’t like the Houston Rockets, but later, I found out that they only shouted when Jeremy held the ball, and I began to wonder why.




What’s the Occasion? Tin Hau Festival  (天后誕)

By Elaine Dunn

When is Tin Hau Festival?

Hong Kong, the Fragrant Harbor, is known for its natural, deep-channel harbor, shopping and ornately decorated floating seafood restaurants. The majority of seafood served at these and other Hong Kong restaurants is the labor of the 4,000-strong fishing fleet that ply the surrounding waters of Hong Kong and the northern continental shelf of the South China Sea. 
Every year, on the 23rd day of the third lunar month, which happens to be May 2 in 2013, the fishermen (and anyone whose living is associated with the sea) of Hong Kong and its outlying islands, celebrate the birthday of their “patron saint” and guardian, Tin Hau. Although her name Tin Hau literally means Empress of Heaven, she is actually the Goddess of the Sea, and is one of the most popular goddesses. 


By Chang Wang

If I’ve ever doubted that Italy is a place where all miracles are possible, or wondered if a dream can ultimately come true through uncompromised love and unequivocal devotion, or questioned the complete thoughtfulness of the “almighty”, Oct. 6, 2012 provided me with an answer.